Pigment-filler «Chromix»

Pigment-filler Chromix


TU 2364-003-52967881-2002

KGS group (OKS) – L19

OKP code - 236473

Pigment-filler «Chromix» - multi element chromium powder grayish-brown color. It is used in the production of green glass (analogue of the Dutch "Portachrome"), paint industry in the manufacture of anti-corrosion coatings, enamels, water-based and water-emulsion paints. Paints and varnishes containing in the structure of pigment-filler «Chromix» provides high-quality and long-lasting protection against corrosion of metal surfaces, has good adhesion and hiding power.

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Characteristics of the product
Moisture and volatile matter,%, max 2,0
Mass fraction of substances soluble in water,%, max 0,5
Oil Absorption, g/100g, max 40,0
Mass fraction of residue after wet sieving through a sieve with a mesh 0063,%, max 0,05
Dispersibility, micron, max 45,0
Coverage, g/m, max 45,0

Characteristics of the product

Характеристики пигмента-наполнителя Хромикс

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