Fiberglass rebar

Fiberglass rebar

TU 2296-001-90087921-2011

Bore 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 20 mm

OKP code - 229690

Fiberglass rebar is a particularly strong rods with a diameter of 4 to 20 mm, the length of any construction with a smooth surface of the spiral structure.

The composite fiberglass reinforcement of fiberglass designed for use in concrete structures with prestressed and unstressed reinforcement instead of traditional steel reinforcement.



Valves made from glass fiber has a number of advantages over traditional materials:

  • Fiberglass rebar lighter metal is 5 times;
  • Does not rust and is resistant to aggressive environments (acid, salt water, ultra-low temperature);
  • Non-conductive and practically does not conduct heat;
  • Radio waves and magnetic inert (does not change the mechanical properties under the influence of electromagnetic fields);
  • Can any construction length (can be twisted into coils).