Iron oxide red pigment

Iron oxide red pigment


TU 2322-166-05011907-98

KGS group (OKS) - L19

OKP code - 232241

A powder material of red-brown color. Used as a pigment and filler in the manufacture of paints, building materials, pavement tile, rubber, leather, color linoleum, plastics and printing inks. It is used in the steel industry, electrical engineering, the production of anti-corrosion coatings.
Iron oxide pigments have a high hiding power and coloring power, excellent thermo-, light-and weather resistance.
Resistant to salt, mild acids and alkalis.


Characteristics of the product
Coloring power, % 100 ± 5
Mass fraction of Fe₂O₃, %, min 96
Mass fraction of volatile matter (at 105 °C), %, max 1,0
Water-soluble substances, %, max 0,5
PH 3,5 - 7
The residue on the sieve (325), %, max 0,3
Oil absorption, g/100 g 15 - 25